[En-Nut-Discussion] Thread private date

Harald Kipp harald.kipp at egnite.de
Wed Feb 27 11:25:52 CET 2008

Ole Reinhardt wrote:
>> One more question: Why will it "break existing applications" when the size
>> of a Nut/OS internal data structure changes? I would think that, if the
>> application is coded up to generally accepted standards, it will determine
>> the size of the structure's element and thus being able to "run" thru the
>> list.
> Right. It will only break existing code if you have precompiled code
> getting linked... You just have to recompile the whole thing and
> everything should worke fine as long as nobody uses hard coded offsets.

Applications use only pointers to THREADINFO structures. They will not 
care about expanding the structure. Even _if_ someone uses fixed 
offsets, it won't hurt as long as new items are appended at its end.

But who would do such things. ;-)

Nah, I think it's quite save to expand Nut/OS internal structures. The 
only thing we had to take care of is not to blow up the memory 
requirements of Nut/OS, specifically the program code size. Your 
proposal is quite interesting and I assume it will add minimal code.


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