[En-Nut-Discussion] Yagarto and Arm Problems

Wiegelmann, Jörg Joerg.Wiegelmann at ces-tronics.de
Thu Jan 3 15:36:14 CET 2008

I tried to work with Ethernut 3 Hardware Eclipse and the Segger Debugtools with the Atmel sam ice.

I'm using the example configuration init file from the yagarto example:

target remote localhost:2331

monitor reset

monitor writeu32 0xFFE00000 = 0x1000213D

monitor writeu32 0xFFE00004 = 0x20003E3D

monitor writeu32 0xFFE00020 = 0x00000001

monitor writeu32 0xFFE00000

monitor writeu32 0xFFE00004

monitor speed auto

break main



I have three results:


1)       with segger j-link gdb server 3.62  J-link gdb says:


 monitor writeu32 0xFFE00000 = 0x1000213D

Target does not support this command.

       2)  with segger j-link gdb server 3.74 I got:

No source file named project.elf.

target remote localhost:2331

0x00000000 in __vectors ()

monitor reset

Resetting target

monitor writeu32 0xFFE00000 = 0x1000213D


Start address 0x38, load size 151720

Transfer rate: 326 KB/sec, 312 bytes/write.


Result is I can set breakpoints, but the systems does not stopp and it its not running

3)  with 3.78 the segger tool is crashing at initializiation with:


Remote communication error: Bad file descriptor.

putpkt: write failed: No error.


4)  with 3.79h beta  the system loads but I can't set breakpoints


or I got continuously hex-values without reaction.


How are you debugging???? With jlink and seggertools?

I studied the yagarto site and loaded the newest development kits from end of dezember 07


The next problem is, that the precompiled examples are running if I load this the tftp Application. When I'm compiling the examples by my self, I can load them but nothing happens.  I'm using the ram configuration. The *.bin files are bigger than the example files. For example threads.bin is 35k, the original is only 20k. 

The ethernut 2 is running fine, but I need more performance. 


Help would be great.

Thank you

Best regards and best wishes for 2008 










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