[En-Nut-Discussion] Watchdog Timer

Ole Reinhardt ole.reinhardt at embedded-it.de
Wed Jan 30 13:22:34 CET 2008


> I see in the help files how to enable and reset the Watchdog Timer but I
> don't see how one gets access to information that tells me where the
> processor was executing at the time the timer expired (i.e.: when the
> processor was reset).
> I would like to be able to record how many Watchdog timer restarts occurred
> and what the PC (code location) & SP (to help determine the task that was
> running) locations were at the time.

I don't thin you'll be able to capture this information. They get lost
if you reset the cpu. And if the watchdog timer expires you have exactly
this situation, the cpu will be resettet. The only information that you
can obtain is the reset reason. So you could count how many times a
reset occurs, but you have no chance to determine the PC and SP values
at the moment of reset.

> BTW: Is there a PDF version of the Nut library documentation?  It would be
> easier to search, etc.

AFAIK no... But feel free to generate one. It should be possible


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