[En-Nut-Discussion] My handmade nut does not works

Siswanto siswanto at intisar.co.id
Wed Jan 30 10:14:29 CET 2008

Dear all,
I'm newbe with RTOS, specially ethernut.
I have tried my handmade pcb with ethernut-4.4.0, WinAVR 20070525,
AVRStudio 4.13
during installations of ethernut, WinAVR and AVRStudio successfully without
warnings or errors
during examples compilation successful too, but when i burn the *.hex file
to the atmega128
target board, it is doesn't work. I have tried examples like uart, httpd,
led01, etc.

I'm sure my atmega128 target board is ok, since with AvrX RTOS works
please help me.  thanks.


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