[En-Nut-Discussion] Ethernut ChangeLog

Matthias Ringwald mringwal at inf.ethz.ch
Fri Jun 13 10:29:21 CEST 2008

Hi Duane

The main problem with CVS in general is, that it only tracks files and  
not ChangeSet as it is done by more recent SCM tools (SVN, hg,  
git, .. ).
I'm aware that you can have long commit messages. The problem is, I  
don't see/have(maybe I have the wrong tools) to be track changes and  
_access_ the commit messages. If I do cvs update and or cvs status I  
get a long list. If the Changes are tracked by a single ChangeSet  
commit message int the ChangeSet, I just browse the ChangeLog file.

Another argument for using the ChangeLog file, besides that is  
established way in Nut/OS to track changes, is that, in the event of  
changing the SCM system, the commit messages have to extracted and  
converted where the ChangeLog is automatically there. Less chance for  
loosing a consistent view on the repository history.

Oh. I'm always commit from the command line, specifying every changed  
file manually to avoid accidental check-in which will happen easily  
from a GUI.

But thanks for the hint on the cvs -F option, I was not aware of it. :)


On 11.06.2008, at 03:28, Duane Ellis wrote:

> Matthias Ringwald wrote:
>> Hi Thiago!
>> Please comment any commits to nut/os in the nut/os ChangeLog file.   
>> This helps people to get a better picture of changes in nut/os  
>> quicker.
>> The ChangeLog can contain longer text than the CVS commit message
> I routinely have pushed 5K to 10K long change long messages into CVS.
> Perhaps you do not know about the -F option, ie:
>   cvs commit -m'Little one line message goes here'  foobar.c
> verses
>   cvs commit -F BigFileOf.txt    foobar.c
> or perhaps your GUI does not allow for arbitrary text commit messages.
> -Duane.

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