[En-Nut-Discussion] UART example for AT91SAM9260-EK

Paulo Silva psilva at opensoftware-br.com
Mon Jun 16 15:00:01 CEST 2008

Hi, Lasse

The problem with debug is only when we try to debug a Nut-Os application(events app.).
When I try to debug the application from Atmel that blinks a led, we have no problem,so we can debug it, bellow a explain what happen.

Things that works.

1 - Application thats blink a led but has not Nut-Os can be debuged.
2 - This led application can be put into dataflash and loaded into sdram by bootstrap wiht no problem
3 - Nut-Os events application works if loaded into sdram  by samba.

Things that does not work

1 - Nut-Os events application does not work if loaded into dataflash to bootstrap loaded it into sdram.(This did not work until Alain fix some problem with Nut-Os initialization)
 2 - Nut-Os events application debug.

Best regards.


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  Hi Alain

  I am using:

  Atmel's Evaluation board: AT91SAM9260-EK
  Atmel's SAM-ICE Jtag debugger.

  I download the software with the Atmel Sam-Ba 2.6 PC program.

  I start by selecting the SDRAM Pane and executing the Enable SDRAM 100Mhz

  Then I download my program to SDRAM at address 0x20000000.

  Then I start the program in the ARM processor with the "go 0x20000000"
  command at the console in the Sam-Ba 2.6 program.

  And FIRST after this do I start up the debugger.

  My Segger J-link GDB server is running all the time.

  I am using Eclipse for windows from Yagarto's home page.

  I only have one command in the "initialize" commands for the debugger. 

  target remote localhost:2331

  Now the important part which I self was a bit slow to understand. :-P

  Because I am running my program in SD-Ram and starting it with the Sam-Ba
  tool then the debugger cannot follow it until after it is started. The
  program is simply not there. /blush.

  This means your break points must be in a part of the code where the
  execution is sure to pass.

  For example in the events.c code.

       * Endless loop in main thread.
      for (;;) {
          putchar('M');    // <--- Add break point here.

  By the way, I have the Nut Os compiled with Build /platform [arm-gccdbg]. 

  I hope this helps.

  Best regards


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  Hi Lasse,

  Can you debug Nut/OS with JTAG in single step mode? We (Paulo Silva and 
  me) are having trouble with that on a SAM9-L9260.

  If anyone is able to do it, plase inform,

  Lasse Conrad escreveu:
  > Hiya
  > I have tried the UART example for my AT91SAM9260-EK evaluation board and I
  > cannot get it to work. Have anyone else tried the same? 
  > The tcps example works fine.
  > Best regards
  > Lasse
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