[En-Nut-Discussion] SAM9260-EK getting started

Harald Kipp harald.kipp at egnite.de
Tue Nov 11 11:14:34 CET 2008

wsoc wrote:

> I use own-designed board based on AT91SAM9260-EK project (in fact, it's just
> simplified EK) with DM9161AEP chip and Nut/OS 4.6.4 downloaded from site.
> After solving some problems with making it work at all I found these issues: 
> 1. Setting NIC_PHY_ADDR to 8 drives to chip id recognition failure (reads
> 0x7FFF and 0xFFFF from ID1 and ID2 registers), and when i set it to 0 values
> read are ok.

The PHY address depends on the level at a few pins during PHY reset. You 
may check the PHY's datasheet and your schematic accordingly.

> 3. When I get connected via telnet (with modified rs232d example) it also
> works until I try to send some data - then it makes my program start again
> and tell that IP address is after net configuration. When I then
> reset my board it configures fine again. 

For the ARM9 the stack sizes are a bit tight. Looks like a stack 
overflow problem to me. Possibly not all sample applications had been 
adjusted to run reliable on the ARM9. Try to increase the thread's stack.

> I also found somewhat strange comment in at91_emac.c (line 731, about
> EmacPutPacket()): 
> \todo This routine simply does not work. Any idea?

Probably a left over. It definitely works fine here on the SAM9260-EK.


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