[En-Nut-Discussion] nut/os and own design hardware

Ole Reinhardt ole.reinhardt at embedded-it.de
Sat Nov 15 14:40:30 CET 2008


> I have made my own board with AT90CAN128 and some Bluetooth module on it.
> Bluetooth is connected to UART1 and I also need to use CAN controller build
> inside MCU. Because of BT module I need to run this HW with 3.3V VCC and max
> 8.00MHz clock. There is no extra SRAM on my board... =(
> [...]
> What you think, is it possible do those things with Nut/OS and without extra
> SRAM? First one I guest yes but second one may be difficult, even
> impossible?

Indeed it _is_ possible to run NutOS on such a limitated system, but
without much usage for you. You will be able to run a single, perhaps
two threads with very limited stack size and not much possebility to
allocate any extra heap space. The AT90CAN128 has about 4K of ram, which
is very small for a NutOS system. If you plan to use the networking
layer you even won't be able to run you system without any external ram.
Just a single Ethernet packet may be up to 1.5k large.

> Also how I make config file for my board to use with Nut/OS Configure Tool?
> Haven't find any document about config file structure and commands to use.

Just start Nutconf and start with the ethernut 1.3f config file for
example. Next change the cpu type, disable networking and other drivers
you don't need, disable external ram usage and save the resulting file
as you own config file.


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