[En-Nut-Discussion] who can give me the full sheet of "low-cost ethernut" ?

Adam Dybkowski adybkows at wp.pl
Wed Apr 1 22:01:29 CEST 2009

DreamCat wrote:

> btw, your product is too expensive in our county. In general, the product
> should have different price for different areas.


I think it's not easy to differentiate prices for various areas. Most of
electronic parts used on the board (microcontrollers, memories etc) are
made in Singapore / Malaysia / Indonesia / China etc. - and the price
does not change if you live in Russia, UK, Namibia or Gabon. Only the
cost of work is different in all countries, but the parts cost almost
the same. It's impossible to say: let's make the board $50 cheaper for
Africa - because you can't just cut $50 from the price of the parts. And
if you produce lots of boards, you've already moved production to
low-cost country (mainly China).

The same schema does not apply to software-only products. The software
development companies often introduce lower prices for various areas of
the world - and sell more products getting the same total money.

BTW: My company do the business the opposite way - we make and sell
small series of unique devices, to small to build them abroad. That's
why the price is usually high, not comparable to made-in-China
all-in-one do-everything-but-not-well things.

Adam Dybkowski
		adybkows at wp.pl

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