[En-Nut-Discussion] FTP server on Ethernut V 1.3H

Fabien Catteeuw fabiencatteeuw at gmail.com
Sun Aug 30 15:57:36 CEST 2009


maybe we first can try to get it in the small ram, yes.
Does someone know why the ftp commands are not working, seen we have
connection with the ethernutboard?
These are the commands we use, the program we loaded is the ftp sample
project that was included by the starter kit (but mainly written for
Ethernut2 and3 I guess...)

The following internal FTP commands are supported:

   - CWD <pathname> - Change working directory.
   - DELE <pathname> - Delete a file.
   - LIST | NLST [<pathname>] - Send list of files in a directory.
   - [X]MKD <pathname> - Make a directory.
   - NOOP - No operation.
   - PASS <password> - Check user password.
   - PASV - Prepare passive transfer.
   - PORT <hostport> - Set data connection.
   - [X]PWD - Send name of current working directory.
   - QUIT - Terminate session.
   - RETR <pathname> - Send a file to the client.
   - [X]RMD <pathname> - Remove a directory.
   - STOR <pathname> - Receive a file from the client.
   - SYST - Send system identifier.
   - TYPE <type-code> - Receive transfer mode.
   - USER <username> - Check user name.



2009/8/30 Thiago A. Corrêa <thiago.correa at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> On Sun, Aug 30, 2009 at 9:27 AM, Fabien
> Catteeuw<fabiencatteeuw at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > we want to use this board to capture data and store it in a file on the
> > ethernut1.3h board.
> If it's not too big, perhaps you could store it in RAM and power it
> with a battery and wall plug, like a cordless phone. Then you won't
> have to worry about the static memory wear off.
> Otherwise, then I guess your best bet would probably use an SD Card.
> It's possible to drive an SD Card with SPI but I don't think the
> driver is ported to atmega128. Shouldn't be hard though. At least with
> an sloted memory you can take it out and replace when it wears off.
> Kind Regards,
>   Thiago A. Correa
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