[En-Nut-Discussion] Non reproduceable reboots on 1.3H

Daniel ziu82 at gmx.de
Sun Aug 30 22:32:19 CEST 2009

Hello everybody.

I'm a new Ethernut User, starting with Ethernut 1.3H. First of all let 
me thank the developers of this project. It's a great thing to be able 
to buy a complete embedded board with such a high developed operating 
system and a large user API. I'm really impressed of Ethernut.

Nevertheless now the first problems rose up.

I've implemented a small sample for a webserver. It is based on the 
"httpd" Sample.
In the "main" the app starts a thread, which handles HTTP Requests. This 
thread redirects HTTP Queries via "NutHttpProcessRequest(stream)" to a 
registered cgi-function.
Each time this function is called through a HTTP Request, some (9) 
values are read from the EEPROM and sent as HTML-Page back to the 
browser. The whole function is executed in approx. 700 - 800 ms.
Now I have the effect, that every 3-5 times I execute this function 
either the board reboots or it stucks and I have to reboot it myself. I 
cannot reproduce this behaviour. I logged the heap space and I think 
it's enough free (20.000 bytes).

Do you have any experience in which situations the board reboots or get 
stuck? I don't know in which direction I have to investigate. Maybe it's 
a timing problem of concurring threads? But the cgi-function is the only 
code that is executed.

Unfortunately a few weeks ago I connected the Analog Input in the wrong 
way. It blews up the fuse and I'm not sure, that the hardware is fully O.K.

Best regards,

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