[En-Nut-Discussion] Codesize with winavr 4.x and NutOS 4.6.4

Joerg Wiegelmann wiegelj at gmx.de
Thu Jan 8 22:15:54 CET 2009

Dear folks,
I made a little home automation system and it works fine. I love it to
see the roller shutter driven by ethernut every day  :-)  . So all is
fine. I used the Ethernutversion with Winavr-gcc 3.4.5.
Unfortunately there is a little programming error in the system. So my
intention was, to correct the error and make an update to the new nutos
4.6.4 and the new Winavr Compiler from December 08. After compiling and
linking the system doesn't work any more. The reason is, that the code
doesn't fit in the ATMega128 any more. On the old system my code ends at
0x1b7be with the new system it ends at 0x1d176. What a pity!
I am using the -Os switch for optimizing. Also I tried to switch back to
the gcc 3.4.5 with the new Nutos. I'm getting a syntax error in NutOs
build because an include is missing.
Does anyone knows who to make the new compiler a little bit more
economic? Is there an easy way to display the codesize after a make?
Thank you in advance


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