[En-Nut-Discussion] Optimizing nutconf

Harald Kipp harald.kipp at egnite.de
Fri Jan 16 09:44:33 CET 2009

duane ellis wrote:
> various> [ Widgits this ]

First and last correct objection. ;-)

> various> [ Lua That ]

Remember, that Lua is running on Nut/OS targets as well.

> Gee - this list sounds more like a GUI application list - not an 
> embedded device app. You know, a simple text interface WORKS and works 
> everywhere without these problems. No "version problems" to be found, 
> and nobody has to be on the "upgrade tread-mill" with various GUI and 
> TOOL and what ever packages.

The Configurator comes in two flavors, GUI and command line based.
Though, the GUI variant is no rocket technology yet, it has a lot of

On the other hand, if I think about past problems, most of them were
caused by upgrades of a command line tool, the compiler. (I'm aware,
that cleaner coding would have avoided most of them.)

> All of this sure sounds like "DLL HELL" windoze guys deal with.

It may _sound_ like, but it isn't. If ever, we seldom experienced DLL or
shared library problems, simply because we try to avoid them (except two
MS runtime libs).

And, btw., almost all the GUI problems we were talking about appeared on

> You guys have spent *HOW* many hours and *HOW* many emails talking about 
> "Optimizing nutconf"?

Note, that the GUI attracts new users. It is often the first thing they
try and if it crashes, they may give up Nut/OS in general.

> In my opinion, too many.


That reminds me of a discussion thread in those days, when Nut/OS starts
running on an ARM. Some subscribers voted for at least two different
mailing lists, one for AVR and one for ARM and possible a third one for
the general part. I declined this, because it would be too difficult, at
least for beginners, to choose the right list.

What about setting up a mailing list just for the Configurator development?


P.S.: May I direct you to a _GUI_ based email client, which allows to
display all posts in a thread based tree view?
Sorry, couldn't resist. ;-)

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