[En-Nut-Discussion] newLib integration

athomi at bluewin.ch athomi at bluewin.ch
Sun Jun 14 11:40:29 CEST 2009

Hi Michael

>if your YAGARTO toolchain comes from the YAGARTO page,
>you will find a syscall.c example near the download
>link from the toolchain too.
IMO this means you have to implement the functions (see syscalls.c) for your specific OS (newlib can't do that for 

As an example, with the "_sbrk_r" function the newlib wants to allocate new memory, so you have to implement the right 
calls for your specific OS.

But now the problem, acctually i'm not aware of such deep details of the Nut/OS and hoped that someone else has already 
done this for the Nut/OS.

Am i the only person who has encountered such a problem? Or is the solution so trivial that nobody sees the need for 
talking about the solution?

By the way, the problems starts with enabling "Floating Point" in the Nut/OS Configurator (as stated in the example 
page of the NutWiki) independent on the example.


Aurel Thomi

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