[En-Nut-Discussion] config flashspace usage on SAM7X256

Bernd Walter enut at cicely.de
Sat Jun 20 12:54:57 CEST 2009

After playing a bit with Lua the ROM size is getting a bit too small.
The ld script says:
/* Last 16k flash is used to save config. */
  rom(rx) : org = 0x00000000, len = 240k
  ram(rw) : org = 0x00200000, len = 64k

I don't need Ethernut to save anything, because I do it myself in an
AT45DB chip.
But I'm unable to find the code using it so that I can disable.
Or is it just reserved for future use?

I also have the option to use X512, which are already working fine
with their additional RAM.
But I wonder what Ethernut is doing about this config page, because
flashing the upper half on the X512 is slightly different.

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