[En-Nut-Discussion] Different automatically generated build trees in Linux and Windows for NutOS 4.8 (was Re: "US_PIOA_PINS_A" redefined)

José Vallet jose.vallet at hut.fi
Wed Nov 4 14:07:25 CET 2009

Hello all.

I am still struggling to compile a fresh ethernut-4.8.* in my linux.

The previous short thread can be found at

This time I tried 4.8.5, with the same result:
error: "US_PIOA_PINS_A" redefined
error: this is the location of the previous definition

As Marcus Jansson kindly pointed, it seems to be due to having multiple 
MCUs defined. Let me recall that I have not modified the sources, I am 
using a fresh downloaded ethernut-4.8.5 package.

Trying to dig into this I noticed that the automatically generated 
nut-bld/include/cfg/arch.h has, among PLATFORM and ARM_GCC, the 
following MCUs defined: MCU_AT91R40008, MCU_AT91, MCU_AT91SAM7S, 
MCU_AT91SAM7SE, MCU_AT91SAM7X and MCU_AT91SAM9XE. The same file, when 
generated automatically from a Windows installation defines only 
MCU_AT91R40008 and MCU_AT91.

I have also noticed other disparities between the build trees generated 
in Linux and Windows. Is this normal? Shouldn't they be the same? If 
not, why?

As a side note, I can compile the build tree generated from Windows in 
my linux machine

Just in case it is useful, I have noticed differences also in the 
following automatically generated files:

So, as usual, am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!


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