[En-Nut-Discussion] Different automatically generated build trees in Linux and Windows for NutOS 4.8 (was Re: "US_PIOA_PINS_A" redefined)

José Vallet jose.vallet at hut.fi
Thu Nov 5 13:40:35 CET 2009

OK, going forward.

The problem seems to the version of nutconf that I was using. It seems 
that somehow version 1.4.3 was generating the build tree wrongly for me. 
I have tried now with versions 2.0.5 and 2.0.9, and they both work.

I am still surprised. Has there been any significant changes between 
versions so that this can happen? Does this mean that something has 
changed in the .nut and .conf files so that they require nutconf version 2?


José Vallet wrote:
> Hello all.
> I am still struggling to compile a fresh ethernut-4.8.* in my linux.
> The previous short thread can be found at
> http://groups.google.com/group/osdeve_mirror_rtos_en-nut-discussion/browse_frm/thread/20c243fe22b49b5b/f36336950173ab7e?hl=en&lnk=gst&q=%22US_PIOA_PINS_A%22+redefined#f36336950173ab7e
> This time I tried 4.8.5, with the same result:
> -------
> /home/jose/ethernut2/ethernut-4.8.5/arch/arm/dev/usart0at91.c:229:1: 
> error: "US_PIOA_PINS_A" redefined
> /home/jose/ethernut2/ethernut-4.8.5/arch/arm/dev/usart0at91.c:215:1: 
> error: this is the location of the previous definition
> -------
> As Marcus Jansson kindly pointed, it seems to be due to having multiple 
> MCUs defined. Let me recall that I have not modified the sources, I am 
> using a fresh downloaded ethernut-4.8.5 package.
> Trying to dig into this I noticed that the automatically generated 
> nut-bld/include/cfg/arch.h has, among PLATFORM and ARM_GCC, the 
> following MCUs defined: MCU_AT91R40008, MCU_AT91, MCU_AT91SAM7S, 
> MCU_AT91SAM7SE, MCU_AT91SAM7X and MCU_AT91SAM9XE. The same file, when 
> generated automatically from a Windows installation defines only 
> MCU_AT91R40008 and MCU_AT91.
> I have also noticed other disparities between the build trees generated 
> in Linux and Windows. Is this normal? Shouldn't they be the same? If 
> not, why?
> As a side note, I can compile the build tree generated from Windows in 
> my linux machine
> Just in case it is useful, I have noticed differences also in the 
> following automatically generated files:
> nut-bld/include/cfg/ahdlc.h
> nut-bld/include/cfg/audio.h
> nut-bld/include/cfg/audio.h
> nut-bld/include/cfg/eeprom.h
> nut-bld/include/cfg/memory.h
> So, as usual, am I missing something?
> Thanks in advance!
> José
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