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Bernd Walter enut at cicely.de
Wed Dec 22 10:24:00 CET 2010

On Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 08:17:43PM +0000, Stefan Profanter wrote:
> > The typical reasult of switching to a web based forum is that many knowledged people leave the discussions because of usability reasons and many unexperienced users come since it is > so nicely colored and trendy.
> Yes, that's a good argument!! But shouldn't it be the sense of a forum to help unexperienced users (like me ;-) )...

That's part of it.
At best you have a good mix of different expirienced users.
Noone can be a expert in every detail, so even the experienced
users can have beginner level questions.
I don't consider myelf as someone with good knowledge about ethernut,
but I do have a lot of experience with IP networks.

> For eg. I'm a nOObi and haven't jet worked with mailing lists. So I don't know, where I can find older messages in the mailing list which maybe can help me solve my current problem.

That's unfortunately often a problem.
While in a web based forum you know were the old messages are you need
to find how it is done with mailinglists.
Usually most lista are readable in a web based form, so you can use your
favorite web search engine.
And some lists also share archive files in mbox format so you can import
old messages into your mail reader.
I'm subscribed to the lists for too long now so I have a large history
in my mailbox.

> And I use Outlook as Mail-Client which isn't mailinglist friendly. (As you maybe can see).

Crappy mailclients are a common problem today :-(
I never considered Outlook to be a mailclient at all.

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