[En-Nut-Discussion] Ethernut 3.0 limits

Ole Reinhardt ole.reinhardt at embedded-it.de
Thu Jan 21 16:34:40 CET 2010


> I'm asking about the ethernut 3.0 limits and I don't know if you have tested
> something about.  For instance, how many PCs could be connected
> simultaneously to sockets created by an ethernut? And more, how could be
> possible to implement a solution for accept simultaneously connection
> request of different PCs?

I don't know if there were made such statistics, but perhaps you could
tell us more about your application and we'll see if it could be
possible with NutOS. At least NutOS is most limited by the amount of
available ram space.

To support multiple sockets created to the same port number you have to
create multiple threads listening on the same port number. The easiest
way ist to always create a new thread if another connection was yet
established. But always keep in mind the amount of still available ram.

I lately saw, that Harald implemented a connection backlog for listening
tcp sockets. This could help a lot to not miss any connection request. I
did not test is yet.

> Moreover I've a problem because I don't how to use the turtlelizer and I
> only can place my code in RAM, instead of ROM. I've read the tutorial but I
> saw that there is nothing to place the code in ROM avoiding the use of the
> Moonloader each time.

You could either write your own bootloader which might get triggered
from your application or any other way. At least you should try to use
the turtelizer as it will help you a lot and even gives the possebility
to debug in system over JTAG




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