[En-Nut-Discussion] Porting Nut/OS to atmel's SAM3U (cortex-m3)

Nikolay Zamotaev n.zamotaev at metrotek.spb.ru
Tue Jan 26 11:12:35 CET 2010

Good morning.
I am currently porting Nut/OS to Atmel's SAM3U processor (Arm Cortex-M3
 core). This port is based on earlier one for the LM3S6965 by Paulo Silva
Currently works:
   * context switching (I flashed leds from two threads).
   * system timer
   * serial console.

Everything is in early stages, so I am still catching bugs.
First question: should I send patches here (after I clean up the code), 
	or is there other address for this?

Second question: for the port to be accepted, do I need to write proper 
	configuration file for nutconfigurator? 
	Or is using UserConf.mk enough?

Nikolaj Zamotaev
STC Metrotek

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