[En-Nut-Discussion] EIR and java script

Ulrich Prinz uprinz2 at netscape.net
Sun Jan 31 15:21:38 CET 2010

Hi Bernd!

Yep, most things you wrote about ajax was clear to me. I thought there 
where some small extensions to the protocol interpreter needed. But 
however, most of the facts where the reason why I would prefer ajax. The 
work is done by the client, the PC, and there is only little impact on 
the server side, the EIR.

Bernd Walter schrieb:
> On Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 01:03:54PM +0100, Ulrich Prinz wrote:
>> Hi András,
>> looks like Ajax is sort of a 'simple' extension to java script and CGI 
>> that already exists in Nut/OS. And it looks like what I prefer for my 
>> EIR extension. I didn't find any option to submit a command to the 
>> server (EIR) without submitting the complete form and clearing the page.
> You can always catch and tune form updates in javascript.
> With javascript it is also possible to just submit the data without
> touching the displayed data at all or just update a partial page.
Aaaargh! Yes, I thought that is possible... But I don't have any 
complete book about java script and I googled and used the small 
tutorials I found and none of them did tell me how to pass arguments to 
the server without submitting the whole frame and needing to refresh the 
page. So... please... could you tell me how? Ples give me line of 
example code, a link where to read or may be two lines of code?

>> Can you hand me over that Ajax extension? I'd like to see it in Nut/OS 
>> if you don't mind.
> Ajax is a browser thing.
> Nut/OS already has everything you need.
> On EIR you only need to add application related CGI functions.
> E.g. add a CGI which only delivers the table with the radio station list
> and not a full HTML page.

Aha... I am just reading about ajax and I already understood that it is 
only necessary to pass parts of the data and the ajax is doing the rest.

> Then use Javascript/Ajax to do do the CGI request and fill the radio
> station block in the page with the CGI result.
> This is just a simple example - expirienced Javascript programmers
> often ask for plain XML data instead of HTML fomated tables.
> This way they can easily modify the result and use the plain data
> almost everywhere.

I'd like to be an experienced java script programmer in a few days :) 
Cause the data shoutcast delivers to the EIR is already XML. So on small 
systems it could be passed directly to the client without any need to 
cache it. On larger systems it makes sense to keep it in the buffers for 
display support or anything else.

Thanks for the clarification and any further help!

Best regards and a nice weekend

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