[En-Nut-Discussion] GPIO on the ethernut board 3.1

Paul Govers p.govers at triple-it.nl
Thu May 6 08:49:54 CEST 2010


i have a question about the GPIO on the Ethernut board 3.1, i was
if it is possible to set the IO port without an "extra step". 
for example: 

to set an output i have to use an other register to clear the output. 
if i want to go from IO output "1000" to "0100" i suspect that i can
realize this with the following steps: 

if the current output(binary) is 1000 
then the "extra step" outr(PIO_CODR, 0x80); (i don't want this, but i
to set bit to zero) 
result IO output: 0000 
then outr(PIO_SODR, 0x40); 
result IO output 0100 

is there a way to direcly go from output 1000 to 0100 ? 
i think that my display driver becomes confused about the extra IO state

Greetings Paul 


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