[En-Nut-Discussion] Function placed in iram

Andre Riesberg andre at riesberg-net.de
Wed May 12 19:08:24 CEST 2010

Hello all,

I try to place a function in the internal RAM of an AT91SAM7SE512 (the 
board is the EIR).

First I add to linker script (at91sam7se512_rom.ld) this lines:

  .iram :
    . = ALIGN(4);
  } > iram

My test function looks like this:

static uint32_t __attribute__ ((section(".iram"),used)) Test(void)
  return (uint32_t) &Test;

Compile and link are successful. But OpenOCD give me this message:

writing 262144 bytes only - as image section is 2097164 bytes and bank 
is only 262144 bytes

My application works correct, the result of function Test() is 0x200000.
The generated .bin file is more then 2MByte big and mostly filled with 
0x00's. It looks that the complete area from the end of my application 
up to the Test() function is filled with  0x00's. 

When I place then Test() function in then .data section the generated 
.bin file is much smaller and works correct too (the result of Test() is 
now 0x20000000).

I think with the attribute .data the Test() function is placed in the 
flash and copy during startup to the external RAM.

Whats the way to have the same functionality with .iram ?


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