[En-Nut-Discussion] Missing TWI Functions TwMasterRegRead and TwMasterRegWrite in NutOs 4.8.9

Ulrich Prinz ulrich.prinz at googlemail.com
Sun Dec 18 01:13:15 CET 2011

Hi again,

Ok, things are a bit messed up.

I already exported these functions where they belong if I check the
actual trunk. They are in nut/dev/twif.h

A while ago I modified them for a compromise with respect to AVR so they
address only 16 bit widht. Shoould be far enough for little sensor chips
as well as for standard EEPROMs.

I am sure that there was a naming of NutTwRegRead and NutTwRegWrite. But
I lost track in the rush of projects where this has been gone.

I check AVR in near future to provide this functions for this chips too.
At first they make life much easier and at a second all the drivers I
wrote based on register access via I2C will work for this arch too.

Best regards

Am 07.12.2011 14:13, schrieb Uwe Bonnes:
>>>>>> "Wiegelmann," == Wiegelmann, Jörg <Joerg.Wiegelmann at ces-tronics.de> writes:
>     Wiegelmann,> Hi folk, We are using the twi functions of the driver
>     Wiegelmann,> extern int TwMasterRegRead(uint8_t sla, uint32_t iadr,
>     Wiegelmann,> uint8_t iadrlen, void *rxdata, uint16_t rxsiz, uint32_t
>     Wiegelmann,> tmo);
>     Wiegelmann,> extern int TwMasterRegWrite(uint8_t sla, uint32_t iadr,
>     Wiegelmann,> uint8_t iadrlen, CONST void *txdata, uint16_t txsiz,
>     Wiegelmann,> uint32_t tmo);
>     Wiegelmann,> In the new OS-version (4.8.9) both functions are missing. I
>     Wiegelmann,> would suggest implementing the prototypes in twif.h again,
>     Wiegelmann,> because our software (and perhaps other software?) is using
>     Wiegelmann,> the functions. Downward compatibly is always a good
>     Wiegelmann,> thing...
>  The devnau_m3n branch calls the function NutTwiMasterRegRead()
> More confusion...

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