[En-Nut-Discussion] Missing TWI Functions TwMasterRegRead and TwMasterRegWrite in NutOs 4.8.9

Ulrich Prinz ulrich.prinz at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 12 09:01:55 CET 2011


>  The devnau_m3n branch calls the function NutTwiMasterRegRead()
> More confusion...

As I said: STM32 is emulating this extra comfort even his I2C IP cannot
handle register setup before transaction.

I think ybout adding these extr drivers for AVR too as it is the only
one that misses it completely.

Another thing:
You might have bee confused by the fact, that these functions are named
NutTwiXyz() while the original functions are TwiXyz().

All Nut/OS driver should start with 'Nut' I thought and to keep
compatibility with the example code I added some #defines that match
from TwiXyz to NutTwi for ARM and Cortex.

I would suggest to let the Tw function stack die some day and just use

Best regards

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