[En-Nut-Discussion] Merge of CortexM3 development back to the trunk

Ole Reinhardt ole.reinhardt at embedded-it.de
Sun Apr 22 19:24:44 CEST 2012

Hi Harald!

> So far the following problems appeared when building Nut/OS and the samples:
> * Cannot find linker script
> This problem seems to appear with all ARM targets while trying to build
> the sample apps. May be something is wrong with my configuration?


> * uint32_t undeclared in function Avr32InitClockTree
> Needs to be evaluated.

There are several further problems in the AVR32 tree. All of them just
exist in trunk. See my last mail on the list. (Nut/OS Build Problems for

> * sig_2WIRE_SERIAL undeclared
> Appears when trying to build Nut/OS for the atmega103. Not really a big
> problem, I guess.


> * SSC0SPI_CS0_xxx not defined
> Appears when trying to build Nut/OS for the at91sam7se-ek. Looks to me
> that this problem exists in the trunk as well and that I'm the one who
> introduced this bug.

Not a big problem, either? Do you fix it? (Sorry, I don't know the
setting for the at91sam7se-ek and further boards. 

> * nutpiper fails to build
> Again, seems to be a problem of the trunk as well.

It fails? No problem here... Which platform did you use?

> Considering the large number of changes, this is a surprisingly good
> result. Kudos to all, who worked on this branch.

Thanks :)

I further fixed several other small problems, I found in the meantime.
Especially a very strange problem in the at91_emac, which was introduced
by using the phy driver. 

The emac_reset() has a timeout parameter, which was not used in this
function any more as the Phy Driver was introduced. But the tmo variable
was still used as parameter to a debug print, which for sure was
replaced by "nothing" during a normal build. The result was a stack
overwrite on function return. I think that's a compiler bug, who does
not recognise that the parameter is not used.

If you (and all others too) could do further testing of the branch on
real hardware would be very appreciated.




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