[En-Nut-Discussion] Which is the latest greatest branch

Ole Reinhardt ole.reinhardt at embedded-it.de
Fri Aug 24 10:43:41 CEST 2012

Hi Harald,

> I'm quite happy, that Nut/OS development can be done on native Linux,
> Windows and OS X. It would be a step backwards, if Nut/OS would require
> Wine, Fink, MinGW, Cygwin or whatever.

Sure. I did just a little brainstorming.

> > Since Windows 2000 NFTS 3.0 supports kind of directory links (junction
> > points) as well, but all others still using VFAT could not use this.
> That's no obstacle. I have no intention to test anything older than
> Windows 2000, even that is too old. XP or 2003 may be acceptable.

Yes, but VFAT is still used by lots of people. And the "links" are not
available there. So you could not just copy a whole Nut/OS tree to a
VFAT (USB Stick for example) without loosing the links.

> But the question is not, whether it is available or not. I wrote
> "symbolic links are rarely used". My concern is, that it may introduce
> unforeseen problems. Before adding specific OS dependencies, we should
> know the risk.

Yes I know. 

> P.S. Yes, I know. OS X is poorly maintained, but it works in general.

OS X is no problem, it's a unix, so symbolic links exists. Just windows
is a problem and real symbolic links are only available since Windows
Vista / Windows Server 2008.

But perhaps the even Microsoft is able to learn, we just have to wait a
little longer :)




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