[En-Nut-Discussion] Ethernut 5 + Eclipse tutorial

Harald Kipp harald.kipp at egnite.de
Tue Feb 21 14:51:48 CET 2012

Hi Markus,

I further enhanced the debugging page


with a new chapter "Solving OpenOCD and GDB Problems"

On 21.02.2012 14:27, Markus Dost wrote:
> there were some differences between my ethernut5.cfg- and  
> turtelizer2.cfg-files and yours. Mainly in the ethernut5.cfg. But when  
> I use your files the debugging works :-) .

Mh...may be the Turtelizer/OpenOCD package needs to be updated.

In any case


should help to understand what is going on.

> Only the console of OpenOCD displays some warnings after starting it:
> 	Warn : NOTE! DCC downloads have not been enabled, defaulting to slow  
> memory writes. Type 'help dcc'. 		Warn : NOTE! Severe performance  
> degradation without fast memory access enabled. Type 'help fast'.

This is explained on that page in chapter "Optimizing Binary Downloads".

> And after starting the debugging it puts out:
> 	Warn : acknowledgment received, but no packet pending
> Do I have to worry about these?

Same here, no idea. Seems to be harmless.

> Thank you very much for your help.

Thank _you_ for your patience.

Sometimes the OpenOCD/GDB/Eclipse combo is a bullheaded bastard, that
drives me crazy. But over the time I understand more details and found,
that actually everything is running quite well. Anyway, my writing is
behind and the documents still need some polishing.



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