[En-Nut-Discussion] Problems with Configurator on Windows (with subject line this time)

chriss at pacific.net.au chriss at pacific.net.au
Tue Jun 19 06:00:51 CEST 2012


Hi folks, newbie here...

After installing the latest Windows version - ethernut-4.10.0 on my XP

I run the configurator, selecting ethernut1 platform (using gcc-avr
tools), and the configurator creates the Nut/Os tree without any problems.

But if I select, say, the mmnet101.conf, and try the same procedure:

- no nutbld/arch/avr/board/mmnet101.c is created (make fails trying to
process it)

There does not seem to be one anywhere in the nut/ dirtree, so I created a
blank one in nutbld, seemed to get past that problem  8-) .
It seems like its not really needed anyway, except to get past the make (?)

- no libraries (libnutarch.a, etc) are created in the nutbld/lib directory.
so I copied them from nut/lib/boards/mmnet10101/avr-gcc, then all was
sweet 8-)

This happens with other boards as well. Is this a deficiency in
Configurator, or in me; what have I done wrong ?

Thanks is anyone can help

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