[En-Nut-Discussion] Future support for STM32

Pawel Czarnecki apcom at tlen.pl
Mon Mar 5 08:06:34 CET 2012

> > The main question is: Anyone planing to officialy add STM32 support
> > to main Ethernut tree? Or maybe current STM32 support was completly 
> > hobby job and we can forget about progress?
> Ulrich and Uwe are constantly working on the stm32 implementation and
> these are also commercially used. So don't worry about the support. 
This is good news :-) 

> And on the other hand, if you need commercial support (for whatever
> architecture) don't hesitate to ask, as we (thermotemp) are providing
> commercial support on request.
    I'm thinking about this, but commercial support will be to expensive 
in this project.

> In general the devnut-m3n branch will be integrated into the main Nut/OS
> tree soon.
    This is also good news.

> So we did start some planning on the integration of devnut-m3n on the
> embedded world, but further discussion and planning has to be done, so
> please be patient for some weeks :)
    I'm planing use new architecture in next months, so I suppose in this 
time m3n branch will grow up or died and decision will be easier.
Thank You for answer.

best reagrds

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