[En-Nut-Discussion] devnut_m3n: Merging to trunk, the SVN way

Ulrich Prinz ulrich.prinz at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 11 17:02:48 CET 2012

Hi All,

>> Is this some approach we can work on? How should I proceed? 
>> - No need to proceed, the approach is senseless?
>> - Show the diffs of the files with conflicts against trunk and original branch?
>> - Put up the merged branch somewhere
>> - Check-in the resulting 1700 changesets to branch in one batch?
> Please do _not_ just merge anything to the branch. Otherwise this could
> end up in a non working source tree at all. And I realy need a working
> tree at the moment, as we develop here for a customers project. So
> please _do not break_ any current source tree.
I already copied the devnut_m3n branch to a local repository server to
avoid that...
> The right way would be to create a new branch from the current
> devnut_m3n and to merge in trunk to this branch.
Uwe consider the following steps:
Checkout a fresh copy from devnut_m3n
Branch this to i.e. dev_uwe_cm3integration and, important!, switch this
copy to this new branch.

( or use repository tools to copy devnut_m3n to dev_uwe_cm3integration
and checkout that branch directly)

> For sure you could also create a new branch from trunk and merge the
> devnut_m3n branch to this new branch.
And in opposite to that, merge all newer revisions from trunk to the
branch. Where newer means everything that is newer in trunk compared to
devnut_m3n is now merged to dev_uwe_cm3integration.
After that you start to compile for all and any supported platform and
check for errors, warnings and so on.

If that then works, you can do a merge from your branch to trunk.

> I think we should relay go the way to first discuss these topics with
> Ulrich and Harald in a meeting and perhaps do the merger all together
> during this meeting.
> When reviewing your list below I think there a lots of obsolete
> conflicts where we could easily stay with the files from trunk (so no
> need to merge them).

There are some that need some simple #define handling as they are not
applicable for AVR and such.
> I would prefer to go the following way:
> Create a branch from trunk 
> ==> trunk_tmp
Right. Never reintegrate such big changes directly to trunk, but fake a
trunk and integrate there.

Best regards

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