[En-Nut-Discussion] Ethernut on TI's Cortex-M3 (Stellaris LM3S...)

Philipp Burch phip at hb9etc.ch
Sun Oct 28 17:42:40 CET 2012

Hi all, another update:

Some code for UART handling is now included. I tried to do it in a 
similar way as in the STM32 port, but I've got no idea if it is a good 
start how it is now. Anyway, the implementation is not functional at the 
moment, as I still don't get it how to correctly integrate my code in 
the driver system. What definitely is still missing is interrupt 
handling and the read/write function. I expected the UART's DCB to be 
somewhat self-contained, but obviously there must be some other 
hardware-dependent functions somewhere, which actually pass the data around.

Please find the updated Git repo and the patch here:


Comments and hints are welcome.

Then, another concern is the whole licensing shit. While checking the 
patch above, I skimmed through TI's license file for the CMSIS, located 
in nut/include/arch/cm3/lm3/vendor/. I don't really understand it, but 
is it possible, that TI basically prohibits the redistribution of these 
files? If so, we would need to add another annoying hurdle for possible 
users and require them to download and unpack the headers themselves. I 
really hate it.


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