[En-Nut-Discussion] AT25DF SPI Device, undefined reference

David Schmidt david.schmidt at bh-elektronik.de
Thu Feb 7 14:44:01 CET 2013


I'm using the AT25DF64 flash memory attached to AT91-SAM7X through the 
SPI1 interface. I updated to NUT/OS Version 5.1 because there is already 
a device driver for this chip.
Now i'm trying to register the at25 with

NutRegisterSpiDevice(&devDataFlash0, &DEV_SPIBUS, 0);

but my compiler tells me that 'devDataFlash0' is an "undefined 
reference". I already rebuilt my NUT/OS after updating to 5.10.

What's the problem?
Thank you in advance.

BTW: the headline "Stable Version 4.10" for the download on 
http://www.ethernut.de/en/download/index.html is misleading, because it 
is the download link for the 5.1 version.

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