[En-Nut-Discussion] Where does the LICENSE_ST_GUIDANCE_ONLY require from

Uwe Bonnes bon at elektron.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de
Sat Jan 26 12:31:51 CET 2013

>>>>> "Henrik" == Henrik Maier <hmnews at proconx.com> writes:

    Henrik> On 25/01/2013 8:32 PM, Uwe Bonnes wrote:
    >> Hello Harald,
    >> the STM32 tree contains some files with with the clause "* Licensed
    >> under MCD-ST Liberty SW License Agreement V2, (the "License");" So I
    >> understand the requirement in th configurator/config file to accept
    >> that license with LICENSE_MCD_ST_LIBERTY = ""
    Henrik> If these LICENSE_XXX tags are added to the .conf files of the
    Henrik> Nut/OS distribution, this would not really constitute acceptance
    Henrik> of the licence would it?

Yes, that's the reason why the distributed .conf file don't contain the

It's a PITA to have these license file locally and not to upload when

    Henrik> If a user loads a .conf file, for example stm3210e-eval.conf,
    Henrik> whith the LICENSE tags included in it, then he would not even
    Henrik> take notice of this fact.

    Henrik> On the contrary if the LICENSE tags are omitted in the STM32
    Henrik> .conf files, then compilation of the applications will fail and
    Henrik> the user has no clue why.

    Henrik> If the tags remain omitted in the .conf files then I suggest to
    Henrik> add a #error directive to the STM32 headers which checks whether
    Henrik> the tags are set and if not, give a hint that the user has to
    Henrik> add those and by doing so accept the license. For example:

    Henrik> #ifndef LICENSE_MCD_ST_LIBERTY #error You must add the tag
    Henrik> LICENSE_MCD_ST_LIBERTY to the .conf file and by doing so accept
    Henrik> the special license conditions of ST Microelectronics #endif

Sounds like a good idea. Will you go for a patch or should I?

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