[En-Nut-Discussion] Missing file in ethernut-5.2.1.tar.gz

Harald Kipp harald.kipp at egnite.de
Tue Nov 26 18:18:07 CET 2013

Hi Ole,

On 26.11.2013 15:31, Ole Reinhardt wrote:
> in the latest beta release, nut/Makerules.licenses is missing. Compiling
> the tree is not possible without this file.

Unfortunately the Linux distcheck builds the tools only, not any Nut/OS
libs. If new files are added, one should check all Makefile.am and
nut/tools/packaging/nsis/ethernut.nsi to make sure, that the new files
will be included in the distribution.

> Could you please add the file and upload a new archive to the website?


I may not be always available. It's probably a good idea, if at least
the project admins try to follow the required steps for creating a
distribution, either Windows or Linux. Specifically on Linux this is
quite simple.

You can always test the distribution yourself. On Linux run

 make distcheck

This will create the .tar.gz in the current directory, which should be
the parent directory of the source tree named nut.


 make maintainer-clean

before you distcheck again or commit any changes back to the repo.

Remember, only the tools will be built. You need to check the integrity
of the source archive manually.

On Windows things are more complicated, because all libraries for all
supported platforms are (should be) built. For this I've created the Lua
script nut\tools\packaging\distcheck.lua. Move this script to the parent
folder of the ethernut installation directory, 2 levels above the source
tree nut.

Then you need to edit the first few lines to update the paths to the
required tools on your machine. When running

 lua distcheck.lua

a new subdirectory will be created, for example ethernut-5.2.1, where
all libraries are build. When done, the resulting executable is found in
nut/tools/packaging/nsis within this new directory.

The complicated thing on Windows is, that you need to get all these
tools running to build all these platform libraries. Some weeks ago we
had the idea to rent a cloud space for this. After checking the small
print we found out, that this is not as cheap as the ads want to make
you believe.

If you are a Ethernut project admin (like Ole), you can even replace the
file in the download area of www.ethernut.de, because this typically
points to the Sourceforge file area.

I should add, that on Windows the tools (nutconf etc.) are build
manually and then copied to nut/tools/win32 before running the Lua script.

Right now this is quite bumpy and definitely needs some refinement. Any
help with enhancing the procedure is most appreciated.

Let me know it _you_ need nay additional help from my side.



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