[En-Nut-Discussion] But in launchpad toolchain and possibly others as well?

Ole Reinhardt ole.reinhardt at embedded-it.de
Wed Nov 27 10:40:12 CET 2013

Hi Harald,

Am 27.11.2013 09:56, schrieb Harald Kipp:

>> On Elektor Internet Radio I got the following results (which are always
>> wrong):
> ...
>> Has anybody else observed such a problem yet?
> Not exactly this problem, but 2 months ago I reported, that I had been
> unable to compile any application for the EIR when using the launchpad
> toolchain:
> http://lists.egnite.de/pipermail/en-nut-discussion/2013-September/028897.html

Looks like this could be related. I'm just wondering, why I did not get
an error.

I used the latest EIR sources from souceforge, but did not see any
linker errors. I had other problems. For example I had to uncomment all
these __BEGIN_DECLS / __END_DECLS as otherwise the compiler complained.

> Since that time I'm using YAGARTO for ARM7/9 and Launchpad for Cortex-M3.
> I tried your example and still can't build it, running into the same
> error. When using the latest YAGARTO, your example works fine.

Strange. Are you using launchpad on Linux or Windows? And which version?
I tested with 4_7-2013q3-20130916 and 4_7-2013q2-20130614

> The funny thing is, that when using YAGARTO to build the application,
> and linking against Nut/OS libs built with Launchpad, it still works OK.
> This typically fails with larger applications.

Does it? Normally I don't see any reason, why things should fail. It
should only fail, if you used incompatible newlib versions?

You know I compare everything with linux: There it is quite normal, that
the packages are build with other toolchain setups then the software
which is later developed and using the libraries?

> Looks to me like a problem with the linker script and newlib. Possibly
> __ctype_ptr__ contains some translation tables. 

Good point, I though about this yesterday as well. I did not yet fully
study the toupper / tolower functions, but if the lookup at
__ctype_ptr__ would fail, unpredictable results could occur.



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