[En-Nut-Discussion] Compiling toolchain and programs on Windows

Philipp Burch phip at hb9etc.ch
Fri Nov 29 16:52:14 CET 2013

Hi Harald!

On 11/27/2013 11:30 AM, Harald Kipp wrote:
> Philipp,
> On 26.11.2013 09:38, Harald Kipp wrote:
>> On 25.11.2013 17:00, Philipp Burch wrote:
>> It's not required to go the Cygwin/Fink way. Everything should work fine
>> on native Windows/Mac PCs.
>>> make -C arch install
>>> make[1]: Entering directory '/cygdrive/c/Dokumente und
>> ...
>>> trouble, but right now, this seems not to be the root cause. When I open
>>> the offending dep file, the problem is revealed:
>> Download and install Nut/OS via the executable Windows installer.
>> http://www.ethernut.de/en/download/
>> Then follow
>> http://www.ethernut.de/en/hardware/enut5/nutos_configure.html
> Any success or failure?

I did the setup on the new machine now. It works, but only partially: 
qnutconfigure runs fine, whereas nutconfig and nutconfigure fail to 
start because lua51.dll is missing. How can it be, that the Qt-variant 
works? Has this one static linkage against Lua, while the others don't?


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