[En-Nut-Discussion] Switching to GIT

Marcin Trendota moonwolf at techsterowniki.pl
Wed Sep 25 13:38:48 CEST 2013

On Wednesday 25 of September 2013 1:23:15 PM Harald Kipp wrote:

> I also remember, that you main argument was history lookup speed and
> I replied, that Sourceforge's web interface is quite responsive.
> During the last days, however, that new web interface drove me crazy
> several times. Actually I started to hate this blinky,
> JavaSript-packed gimmick. Specifically following a single file's
> history has become a pita.
> In the end you find me ready for changing to Git. Why not hg? Well,
> it looks like Git is most popular and very well supported on all
> major platforms. As Thiago already mentioned, Mercurial is easier to
> learn. But I think, that's a temporary problem. Actually most open
> source developers are already familiar with Git.

Quitting on VCS because of web interface seems a little odd to me - 
maybe you could use some native client (as TortoiseSVN for Windows or, 
say, kdesvn for Linux)?

Just a thought.

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