[En-Nut-Discussion] Switching to GIT

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Wed Sep 25 17:14:56 CEST 2013

>>>>> "Henrik" == Henrik Maier <hmnews at proconx.com> writes:

    Henrik> On 25/09/2013 9:23 PM, Harald Kipp wrote:
    >> In the end you find me ready for changing to Git. Why not hg? Well,
    >> it looks like Git is most popular and very well supported on all
    >> major platforms. As Thiago already mentioned, Mercurial is easier to
    >> learn.  But I think, that's a temporary problem. Actually most open
    >> source developers are already familiar with Git.

    Henrik> I personally would vote for Mercurial which works very well on
    Henrik> Windows, my main platform.

Isn't there a SVN submodule for hg as there is for git?

Leave the repository on sourceforge as it is and use hg/git locally as you

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