[En-Nut-Discussion] Thoughts about TCP stack potability changes

Ole Reinhardt ole.reinhardt at embedded-it.de
Fri Jan 3 19:31:40 CET 2014

Hi Michael,

>>Perhaps things become clearer to me if you could explain your plan a
>>little more in detail.
> I have still revert the changes. The plan was to extract the network
> part and get it to work under an other RTOS. Here I have experimented
> with TNKernel. In general it was working, could test it with IPerf,
> but if I use the webserver, old version or new version it makes some
> problems. I think my problem was that the network stack is designed
> for a cooperative RTOS, and here I use a preemtive one.

Yes this is very likely, as there is not much locking in the code. With
some effort this should be manageable.

What kind of problems have you noticed?

Btw: I'm currently also debugging a problem in the TCP statemachine,
which is a locking problem as well...



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