[En-Nut-Discussion] RPM packages

Marcin Trendota moonwolf.ethernut at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 13:43:35 CET 2014

I finally created Fedora 18 packages (for testing purposes from trunk, 
so these are not meant to be use in production!). I tried to break 
archive into smaller pieces but i failed in few cases. I can't extract 
includes (include/ directory) for example, because Makefiles are adding 
'-I' parameter with source directory. I don't know if this can be 
changed without patching NutOS files?

I tried to extract conf/ dir to /usr/share/ also without luck (i 
believe configuration files should be there, not in source tree).

Apart this i had to do some tweaks (copy files with cp) to extract 
documentation. And hardcoded *docdir in Makefile.am (for tools) gave me 
some headache.

I wonder if it's worth to modificate configuration scripts / makefiles 
to allow those extractions and make tweaks unnecessary? To be honest i 
don't know which files will need modification and maybe this could be 
done by some options passed to autogen.sh / configure scripts?

Anyway i managed to compile NutOS installed from RPMs. It still need a 
lot of work, of course. Ideally i will manage make it FHS compliant, 
but more important for now is to clean spec file and add all required 
dependencies. If someone is willing to test these packages i will put 
them somewhere public. Ultimately i'll try to estabilish yum repository 
for Fedora and RHEL/CentOS.

Best regards
Marcin Trendota

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