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Matthias Ringwald matthias at ringwald.ch
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Hi Uwe

This question seems to be directed at me.. :)

The X-Nucleo-IDB04A1 contains an single chip Bluetooth solution from Nordic Semiconductor. With all of them, (there's also TIs CC254x line, packaged by BlueGiga) they contain the complete Bluetooth stack on the SoC and you communicate with it over an UART or an SPI as in this case. So, there's not much to do with respect to a Bluetooth Stack. It's more like an AT modem. If that solves your engineering problem, that's a quick way.

For LE only, the EM9301 or the CMM9301 are interesting as the CMM9301 module is below 3 EURO in small quantities. I'm currently working on an Arduino shield, which then requires a full Bluetooth Stack on the Arduino (and more than 32 kB of Flash).

I've also ported my BTstack recently to run on an STM32 Nucleo board with a TI CC256x eval module somehow connected. But that was without an OS. It should run directly as an Ethernut thread, but all communication with other threads would need some form of mutex or messages queues. (BTstack is at btstack.og)


> On 28.11.2014, at 16:00, Uwe Bonnes <bon at elektron.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de> wrote:
> Hello,
> on Embedded World 2014 there was some discussion between us about a
> bluetooth stack. As there are now cheap Nucleo boards and the
> X-Nucleo-IDB04A1 arduino compatibe bluetooth board available, such a stack
> would come in handy. Did something materialize?
> Thanks
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