[En-Nut-Discussion] Unable to configure/make with SVN tree

Bob Wirka bobwirka at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 27 16:50:39 CEST 2015

I'd have to run it again, but it would "hang" on "Parsing....stm32f407xx.h". After a long time, it would move on. I figured something was wrong, and that it would take forever. But, if there is significant processing for docs, that could easily be the reason. I'll try that 'disable'.
Also, the repository is on my Linux server, NFS mounted, but with gigabit ethernet. That would slow it down as well.
I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 on a Dell laptop with a core I5-3320 at 2.6GHz. 
Thanks again,
Bob Wirka
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>>>>> "Bob" == Bob Wirka <bobwirka at yahoo.com> writes:

    Bob> Oh, and one other odd thing: After the original successful
    Bob> configure (after autogen.sh), 'make' would stall indefinitely
    Bob> parsing includes for 'cm3'. I culled the 'cm3' folders from
    Bob> /nut/arch and /nut/include/arch. Then ran configure
    Bob> again. Successful make after that.

Please give context, what are the last lines of compilation
output. Otherwise, did you try with the --disable-html-docs option?
Generating the docs takes a long time.

What system are you on? What and how many how fast CPUs?

    Bob> With the original configure/make, it would scream through header
    Bob> parsing, then stall. It appeared to take 10 minutes or so to get to
    Bob> the next file. After a few of those, you look for an alternative.

I tried again on another machine on a clean checkout and everything
compiled. But i took some time , even with and I7-3770 and SSD.

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