[En-Nut-Discussion] EIR and running code in XRAM

C. Bonnemayer cbonnemayer at voo.be
Wed Sep 16 18:18:47 CEST 2015

Dear all,


Lately I dusted off my EIR board for a new project. For development purposes
it seemed to me a good idea to run the code from extended RAM. Unfortunately
I can't get this to work. Everything works just fine when I compile using
the linker script setting  at91sam7se512_rom for running code in Flash, but
I can't get any results when I use the linker script at91sam7se512_xram to
run the code in sdram.

As a test program I use the uart example which is provided whith ethernut. I
use SAM-BA 2.15 to upload the code to the board. When I save the code to
sdram (after enabling the sdram) it does save and compare the code
correctly, but a go 0x20000000 (that's 7 times 0) just does nothing.

When I try a for sdram precompiled example from Atmels at91sam7se-ek
software package it just runs fine. Therefore  I think there's something
wrong with the at91sam7se512_xram.ld linker script or the
crtat91sam7se512_xram.s startup file, but I have just too little knowledge
about this.


I use Ethernut version 5.1.0 and the latest Yagarto version (GCC 4.7.2)


Anybody any help? What am I doing wrong?


Best regards,


Charlie Bonnemayer 





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