[En-Nut-Discussion] Re STM32F756

Holger Mai mai at gemac.info
Fri Apr 8 12:23:35 CEST 2016

Hello Uwe

thank for your reply

first the  < Architecture-> CM3 -> STM32 Family -> STM32 Clock and system
settings -> Instruction prefetch/Unified flash acceleration buffer > doesnt
exist in my configurator. the Version is 3.1.0, all files who are not in the
repository snapshot present, were copied from an 5.2.4 installaion. Snapshot is
from march 14., 2016. Wrong scripts for the configurator, or snapshot too old?
temporary now i am lookink to disable the caching from the app. 
However, in the app is my SD-Card driver as fileinterface used (adapted from the
STM32F4 version (bitbanding removed a.o.)), who uses the SDIO/SDMMC Peripheral
an DMA, this works fine without any problems or read errors. It is used to set
the network configuration (Names, IP, MAC, timeservers etc.) from Ini-Files on
the SD-Card, and for website content. No errors in this way are occured.

For own use, i wrote an istruction to setup a NutOS application project in the
STM32 System Workbench, and (previously) in CooCox (but Coocox is dead, no more
support, no new MCUs, ...). 
When the actual problems are fixed, then i will translate this to english and
publish it. 
Note that the system Workbench is Eclipse, extended with STM32 specific plugins,
a good debugging tool, and a makefile generator. I spend some time to figure
out, how it has to be configured to use it for an NutOS App project for an easy
way to work with it.   

mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best Regards

Holger Mai

mai at gemac-chemnitz.de

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