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Uwe Bonnes bon at elektron.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de
Fri Apr 8 17:03:10 CEST 2016

>>>>> "Holger" == Holger Mai <mai at gemac.info> writes:

    Holger> Hello Uwe

    Holger> thank for your reply

    Holger> first the < Architecture-> CM3 -> STM32 Family -> STM32 Clock
    Holger> and system settings -> Instruction prefetch/Unified flash
    Holger> acceleration buffer > doesnt exist in my configurator. the
    Holger> Version is 3.1.0, all files who are not in the repository
    Holger> snapshot present, were copied from an 5.2.4
    Holger> installaion. Snapshot is from march 14., 2016. Wrong scripts for
    Holger> the configurator, or snapshot too old?

Snapshot too old! March 15 saw about 70 patches, mostly for consolidating
STM32 system setup. Either check cache settings by hand or try SVN head. But
cache consistancy problems is only an (educated) guess.

    Holger> lookink to disable the caching from the app.  However, in the
    Holger> app is my SD-Card driver as fileinterface used (adapted from the
    Holger> STM32F4 version (bitbanding removed a.o.)), who uses the
    Holger> SDIO/SDMMC Peripheral an DMA, this works fine without any
    Holger> problems or read errors. It is used to set the network
    Holger> configuration (Names, IP, MAC, timeservers etc.) from Ini-Files
    Holger> on the SD-Card, and for website content. No errors in this way
    Holger> are occured.

Probably SDIO doesn't use DMA. You probably use the out-of-tree SDIO driver
you offered several times to the list, last time to Ole. This driver needs
the ST special license. Ole has talked about a rewrite, but I didn't hear
from him.

I will try to read SD Card with DMA SPI driver on F7-Disco. Perhaps I can
reproduce the problem.

    Holger> For own use, i wrote an istruction to setup a NutOS application
    Holger> project in the STM32 System Workbench, and (previously) in
    Holger> CooCox (but Coocox is dead, no more support, no new MCUs, ...).
    Holger> When the actual problems are fixed, then i will translate this
    Holger> to english and publish it.  Note that the system Workbench is
    Holger> Eclipse, extended with STM32 specific plugins, a good debugging
    Holger> tool, and a makefile generator. I spend some time to figure out,
    Holger> how it has to be configured to use it for an NutOS App project
    Holger> for an easy way to work with it.

Writing Instructions sounds good. Maybe you can exclude F7 and publish
earlier? And as system Workbench is available for Linux and Mac too, please
weed out usage of backslash versus slash in filenames :-)

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