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Coleman Brumley cbrumley at polarsoft.biz
Fri Dec 30 21:00:11 CET 2016

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> >>>>> "Coleman" == Coleman Brumley <cbrumley at polarsoft.biz> writes:
>     Coleman> In the discussion list, I see old discussions from 2009
>     Coleman> regarding the use of cmake, but it doesn't look like any
>     Coleman> conclusion was posted.
>     Coleman> Was Nut/OS ever updated to work with cmake? There were
>     Coleman> rumblings about a Makefile to cmake utility, but I couldn't
>     Coleman> find a reference to the exact tool.
>     Coleman> The reason for this post is because I'd like to use Visual
>     Coleman> with Nut/OS, but I can find no way to easily import the
>     Coleman> ecosystem into Visual GDB.
> I do not know of any more work on that subject neither..
> For a specific setup, probably a CMakeLists.txt can be crafted with not
> much fiddling. But as nutconfigure/qnutconf selects the files to compiled,
> generic solution will need more work and understanding of ethernut and
> cmake.
> Will you perhaps take a plunge?
> Cheers


Perhaps. I need to look into what I can do with the stock Makefiles first,
but I should know more in a few days about whether I need cmake or can use
the Makefiles like they are. 

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