[En-Nut-Discussion] Ethernut Information website update

ernst stippl org ernst at stippl.org
Thu Feb 11 16:30:15 CET 2016

Hello All!

The Information kept at http://www.es-business.com/ethernut/eng has been
updated (yes, I know, after a long pause ....) and I hope I will be able to
become more timely again ;-)

It now contains information on Ethernut  versions up to 5.2.4.

The compilers used are up to version 
- WinARM 5.2.1 (from the Canonical Group website
https://launchpad.net/gcc-arm-embedded/+download ) or 
- WinAVR 4.9.2 (from MHV Tools web site
http://archive.makehackvoid.com/project/mhvavrtools.html and Andy Brown's
website http://andybrown.me.uk/2015/03/08/avr-gcc-492/ )

I have also added compilation information for Ethernut 5 (in addition to
Ethernut 2 and 3)

Currently, I am trying to find out if the CXREF information should also be
updated. This needs to be done on Linux, where I am not that fluent ...

Anyway, I hope that the information is useful.

Best Regards


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