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Ole Reinhardt ole.reinhardt at embedded-it.de
Mon May 23 14:03:52 CEST 2016

Hi Hermann,

You'll likely see this issue, if the compiler can not be found in the
windows search path.

To give it a try, just open a windows terminal window (cmd.exe) and try
to run

arm-none-eabi-gcc --version

If the program is not found, the search path is not set globally. You'll
likely have missed to select this option during installation.

I this case, right click on "my computer". There you'll somewhere find
an entry "Advances settings / Environment variables". There you can add
the compiler path to the PATH variable.

The compiler will be installed somewehere in

c:\programs\GNU Arm toolchain\bin

Sorry I'm no able to provide a more detailed or more exact instruction,
as I'm a linux user :)

Best regards,


Am 23.05.2016 um 10:18 schrieb Hermann Schulz:
> Evaluation-Kit ST3M32F407 , Baseboard STM32F4 DIS-BB 
> Hey guys,
> I have installed Ethernut 5.1 and the GNU C Compiler (Windows 7). After that
> I loaded the vl_discovery.conf and set the 
> tool's paths on C:/ethernut-5.1/nut/tools/win32;C:\GNU Tools ARM
> Embedded\5.3 2016q1\bin.
> But when I want to create the Libraries, the following message pops up and
> nothing happens. 
> 12:32:43: Creating Makefiles for arm-ecross-gcc in nutbld_STM32F4
> 12:32:43: Creating header files in nutbld_STM32F4
> 12:32:44: ----- Running 'make clean' -----
> 12:32:44: ----- Running 'make all' -----
> 12:32:44: ----- Running 'make install' -----
> What else am I supposed to do to make the system run ?
> Thanks in advance!
> Kind regards
> Hermann
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