[En-Nut-Discussion] Build Ethernut tools using a recent version of Lua

Philipp Burch phip at hb9etc.ch
Tue Feb 6 09:50:16 CET 2018

Hi everyone,

whenever I want to setup the Ethernut build tools on a new machine, I'm
stuck for a while with the configure error "No package 'lua' found".
Right now, I'm trying to get a copy of Lua4 for my notebook running
Ubuntu 16.04. But actually, I'm not even sure which version actually is
required. Are there any plans to update the Ethernut tools to work with
a recent Lua version that is in the usual distro packages (>=5.0)? In
any case, I'd be glad if the configure script could output the required
version in addition to the package name.

Thanks and best regards,

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